The most advanced chlorine-free oxygen water treatment system!



With e-clear's chlorine-free oxygen water treatment systems, you can swim in healthy oxygen rich mineral pool water that is 'fit to drink!'

Healthy and eco-friendly

E-clear's natural pool oxygenator (O2) technology delivers over 40,000g oxidation/hr making it the most powerful water treatment system currently available for spa pool and heated pool applications. Yet, unlike chlorine or salt chlorinator systems, e-clear generates no harmful chloramine gas or toxic disinfection byproducts (DBPs) providing a guaranteed superior swimming experience without any red eyes, allergies and asthma.

For domestic swimming pools e-clear offers home owners hours of healthy chlorine free swimming, hassle-free pool maintenance and a water wise, eco-friendly alternative to chlorine and salt chlorination.

Easy and cost effective

Fully automated, easy to operate and maintain, with no corrosion to your pool pump, pool filter or pool lining, e-clear provides huge savings in pool maintenance and annual pool cost.

A Proven Solution

The e-clear water treatment technology has been proven through independant pool water testing in our large number of commercial spas, indoor pool and outdoor pool installations. Over the last ten years E-clear has built a large domestic and commercial client base that includes many prestigious hotels, university training and polo pool, health club training pool and leisure pool, swim school academies, school pool, hydrotherapy pool and spa pools worldwide.

Although the e-clear pool water treatment system is non-chlorine, where legislation requires a minimum chlorine residual for commercial pool and spas, the chlorine is compatible with the e-clear oxidation and ionization technology providing an added level of water sanitation. Oxidation breakpoint is reached through the e-clear oxygenator system and therefore no harmful chloramine gas and disinfection byproducts (DBPs) are produced. This ensures healthy pool water and excellent air quality. E-clear is 100% effective against chlorine-resistant pathogens such as Legionella, Giardia and Cryptosporidium, ensuring that even at minimal chlorine levels pool water is effectively sanitized and compliant with SABS 241, BSI and WHO Health Standards.

The most efficient, cost effective salt free and ozone free water treatment system currently available for commercial and domestic indoor and outdoor pools.
E-clear has enjoyed phenomenal success globally reducing chlorine pool chemicals by over 95%!

Our Clients

Yas Marina Hotel (Abu Dhabi)
Fancourt Hotel & Golf Estate (South Africa)
Emirates Palace Hotel (United Arab Emirates)
The Table Bay Hotel (Sun International Group, SA)
Michelangelo Hotel (Legacy Group, Leading Hotels of the World, SA)
The Marriot Hotel (Doha)
Le Meridian Hotel (UAE)
Jumeira Beach Residences (UAE)
Virgin Active Health Club (SA)
University of Stellenbosch Sport Science Institute (SA)
University of Cape Town Sport Science Institute (SA)
South Downs Swim School (SA)
Parklands College (SA)
...and thousands more globally


Clearwater Pools, SA

As a pool builder, I've supplied and installed e-clear oxygenator systems to several pool owners and they are all very happy with the e-clear swimming pools. I can highly recommend this system to home owners and other pool builders.

Duncan Burnett

Fancourt Hotel & Golf Estate, SA

Both our manor house pool and large indoor spa pool (300,000L) are operating 100% chlorine free and the water quality is excellent. This is a great product that I can highly recommend.