Benefits of E-Clear

Healthy Oxygen rich, chemical free pool water

E-clear's natural AOP produces saturated levels of Oxygen in the pool ensuring water remains crystal clear and pure, without the use of aggressive chemicals.

Oxygen rich water is healthy water. Oxygen not only destroys harmful viruses, bacteria, moulds, algae etc. in the water, but is highly beneficial, therapeutic and rejuvenating to the swimmer.

Unlike chlorine, salt chlorination and ozone, e-clear does not produce harmful 'burning' oxidizers in contact with the swimmer.

E-clear's advanced oxidation process (AOP) generates high levels of reactive hydroxyl radicals (OH-) in a sealed 'Oxygen' chamber away from the swimmer. Unstable and reverting back to water within milliseconds, OH- reactive species are the strongest oxidants that can be applied in water and ensure pool water is free from harmful pathogens, yet healthy to the swimmer at all times.

E-clear's oxygen technology is combined with a low level of copper ionization, a proven algaecide and bactericide. The healthy and stable DO and copper ions provide a sanitizing residual that prevents any cross-contamination between swimmers and ensures that swimming pool water remains sanitized and algae free when pumps are not running.

Copper is an essential micronutrient and highly beneficial at trace levels. So with e-clear you're swimming in healthy mineral water that is fit to drink and safe for family and pets.

With e-clear there is no “burning effect” and harmful 'bleach' in the water, so water remains soft and gentle.

With e-clear there are no chloramine gas so no red eyes, dried out skin, allergies and asthma and no disintegrating costumes. With no chloramine gas produced, e-clear pools are 100% odour free.

Unlike chlorine and salt chlorination e-clear does not produce carcinogenic disinfection by-products (DBPs) or Trihalomethanes such as chloroform or bromoform.

E-clear is the only pool treatment system that provides pool water that's healthy and 'fit to drink'.

Eco-friendly & Water Wise

E-clear does not generate any greenhouse gases, chloramine gas, DBPs such as chloroform or bromoform, persistent organo-chlorine pollutants (POPs) or any chemicals that may harm the environment

With no chemicals or salt in the water, you can now back wash directly to your garden/irrigation saving precious water.

With e-clear you can back wash safely without polluting or causing any harmful salinification of natural water ways and wetlands.

Efficient Sanitation

E-Clear delivers more sanitation in 1 minute than any other salt, ozone, UV systems or chlorine can generate in 1 hour.

E-clear oxidizers are more powerful than ozone, chlorine, salt chlorination or bromine and unlike UV and ozone provides a sanitizing residual in the water to prevent cross contamination between swimmers and sanitation when pumps are not running.

Because e-clear produces 100% natural non-selective oxidizers, it is effective against chlorine-resistant pathogens such as Cryptosporidium, Giardia cysts and Legionella.

Unlike competitor systems e-clear systems do not switch between oxygen and ionization modes. With 100% oxidation output water remains efficiently sanitized at all times providing an excellent solution for large commercial pools.

Easy to Maintain

The e-clear oxygenator is self-cleaning and has automated oxidation and ionization output ensuring your water is adequately sanitized at all times.

E-clear systems are easy to operate and requires far less maintenance than chlorinated pools. Basic maintenance includes weekly back wash and pH check and keeping the pool clean and free from debris.

Oxidation plates do not require replacing (only cleaning once a year) and ionization plates need to be replaced approximately every 2-3 years.

With no harmful chlorine to handle, swimming pool maintenance becomes hassle free and safe.

Cost Effective

With huge savings on chemicals and water recycling e-clear offers the most cost effective water sanitation solution currently available.

With e-clear your water is soft and non-corrosive so your pool life is extended considerably providing long-term savings on pumps, filters and pool linings.

Energy Efficient

E-clear uses a sophisticated microprocessor programmed to provide the best energy efficiency possible and as such it requires a far lower electrical draw than ultra-violet, salt chlorinators or ozonators. A domestic unit suitable for volumes up to 80,000L draws only 0.5Amp @ 220V whereas a commercial multichannel unit capable of sanitizing ~250,000L draws only 1 Amp @ 220V power.

Since e-clear produces an effective sanitizing residual in the swimming pool, unlike UV and ozone systems, pumps do not have to run 24/7.

Great for Heated Pools

E-clear is highly efficient when it comes to sanitizing heated water such as jacuzzis and swimming pools in hot climates.

Unlike chlorine that becomes useless over 32°C, e-clear's powerful oxidation and ionization technologies provide a stable sanitizing residual at temperatures exceeding 36°C.

E-clear's natural sanitizers are also not affected by sunlight and therefore do not require any chemical stabilizers.