Healthy Oxygen rich,
chemical free pool water


  • No chemicals
  • No Salination of natural water ways
  • Water wise. Backwash pool to garden.
  • Your pets can safely drink your pool water
Unlike chlorine, salt chlorination and ozone, e-clear does not produce harmful ‘burning’ oxidizers in contact with the swimmer.


  • No more red burning eyes
  • No more dry skin or damaged hair after swimming
  • No more burning lungs
  • Extremely beneficial for eczema, psoriasis sufferers
  • Asthma sufferers
  • No more cancer risks
Oxygen rich water is healthy water. Oxygen not only destroys harmful viruses, bacteria, moulds, algae etc. in the water, but is highly beneficial, therapeutic and rejuvenating to the swimmer.
E-clear’s natural AOP produces saturated levels of Oxygen in the pool ensuring water remains crystal clear and pure, without the use of aggressive chemicals.

Non Toxic

  • No carcinogenic DBP’s or Trihalomethanes
  • No poisonous Chloramine gas
  • Virtually chemical free water, soft and PH neutral
  • Water so clean and chemical free, you can repurpose it during water restrictions or droughts

Health Booster

Silver is a world’s most powerful anti-bacterial agent. An immune booster, treats psoriasis, excema, heals wounds quickly and safely. Anti-virus, anti-inflamatory, treats and prevents sinus infection and allergies. The system produces colloidal silver which can be safely drunk to promote general health.


Save on Water
Extends life of pool and equipments
Save on cost of chemicals


Only need to test for copper and adjust PH weekly
Hassle free-oxidants and Ionization automated
Self cleaning Anodes


Micro plastic free drinking water
Underground water can safely be used
On site sanitization of water, not having trust in sporadic municipal sanitation systems.

E-clear’s natural AOP produces saturated levels of Oxygen in the pool ensuring water remains crystal clear and pure, without the use of aggressive chemicals.

Why The Earth
Needs E-Clear

Green Technologies, organic processes were not a worry and the over chemicalisation of our water sources wasn’t a problem. It simply didn’t come up on the radar of our government, let alone everyday folk.Certainly, micro plastic ingestion, entire cities running out of water, due to global warming and countries going to war over water, was a distant nightmare, not even considered. 27 years later and all of the above threaten our very existence! E-Clear has been manufacturing and supplying a solution to all these issues in 70 countries for the past 27 years.
But water and keeping it clean is also vital to our planet. Water controls climate, it nourishes our food sources, it controls the earth’s temperature and it carries whatever pollutes it to literally every square centimetre of this planet.
Way ahead of the curve, we realised long ago that mankind’s most precious resource is water. Without it each and every one of us will die within a week. Nothing is more important to our continued existence as individuals and as a species.
So what we put in our water, is vitally important to the continued health of our only planetary home and thus means life and death to us. E-Clear has been delivering chemical-free, plastic free, healthy clean water since before it was in fashion to do so because we value life and we value our beautiful earth. And we continue to strive forward in developing technological advancements that, in the future will continue to deliver healthy water, a healthy earth and therefor, a healthy you!
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