Domestic Swimming Pools

The e-clear oxygenator provides chlorine free mineral water for your swimming pool that is literally fit to drink!

No more red eyes, dried out and itchy skin and disintegrating costumes. With the e-clear oxygenator you can rest assured that your swimming pool water is healthy, crystal clear, and kind on the environment.

With e-clear home owners can reduce their water bill by back washing their precious water directly to their garden (no dilution required). Suitable for new and existing swimming pools, the domestic e-clear Oxygenator systems sanitize water volumes from up to 75,000L to 1,000,000L.

All oxygenator systems include germicidal ionization. Models with Ultraviolet (UV) are optional. With every quotation eclear provides a technical recommendation and will specify the e-clear system suitable for your swimming pool and particular requirements.



Cape Town, SA

Our swimming pool water is crystal clear and blue. Thank you. How lovely and fantastic in this hot weather to swim, swim and swim without smelling of chlorine and without the constant skin irritations caused by chlorine...


Cape Town, SA

Our pool is looking cleaner than a bottle of Valpré! Two Oceans Pools stated that pools usually go very green this time of year. Ours is crystal clear and chemical free!

MK7 - 1 Channel without UV


MK7 - 1 Channel with UV