How do we compare?

No other non-chlorine system compares to the e-clear oxygenator system. With our patented advanced hyper-oxidation technology e-clear swimming pools are more effectively sanitized than any other system available, yet remain free from harmful chemicals.Unlike chlorine and salt chlorination e-clear does not produce any harmful disinfection byproducts such as chloroform or bromoform or any chloramine gas (that familiar ‘chlorine smell’).
With e-clear there is no salt or expensive mineral salts to add so the water is fit to drink and you can back wash your pool straight to irrigation – no pre-treatment or diluting of back wash water is required.
With no salt and bucket loads of chemicals to add to your pool e-clear offers a truly eco-friendly, water wise and low carbon footprint solution.
Unlike ozone and ultraviolet (UV), which does not provide a sanitizing residual in the water, e-clear produces a powerful sanitizing residual in the water ensuring water borne pathogens and algae are effectively destroyed even when the pumps are not running.
Unlike salt and chemical pools with e-clear there’s no corrosion on your lining or pool equipment saving you loads in the long run.
E-clear is highly energy efficient. It’s sophisticated microchip technology ensures a minimal energy draw, far less than ozonators, UV and salt/mineral salt chlorinator systems.
Unlike chlorine and salt chlorinated pools that loses efficiency in heated water (chlorine is useless over 32oC) e-clear sanitizers are effective at temperatures exceeding 32oC making it ideal for jacuzzis, spa pools and heated swimming pools.
Cost-effective, easy to maintain and eco-friendly, with e-clear you can swim in healthy crystal clear fountain water that is fit to drink.
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