How Our Systems Work


Using an advanced electrolysis process the e-clear oxygenator technology generates powerful natural oxidizers, hydroxyl (OH), atomic oxygen (O1), hydrogen peroxide (H2O2) and oxygen (O2) from the water molecule itself.

Dissolved oxygen in the pool is combined with copper ionization to provide a long lasting healthy and natural sanitizing residual in the water.

Since e-clear oxidizers are more powerful than chlorine or ozone and since e-clear produces a sanitizing residual in the water e-clear pools do not require chlorine or other sanitizing chemicals.

The unique feature of e-clear is that swimmers are only exposed to the healthy sanitizing residuals – dissolved O2 and the copper ionization, since OH, O1 and H2O2 are produced within a sealed chamber away from the swimmer.

The powerful oxidizers, OH, O1 and H2O2, combined with O2 and copper, effectively inactivates algae, viruses, bacteria, yeast, fungi and protozoa.

Electronic Oxidation

The Eclear "stack" technology uses multiple titanium electrodes coated on both sides with a proprietary catalytic mix that include TiO2. Through the electrolysis of water (H2O) and an advanced oxidation process (AOP), high levels of reactive hydroxyl radicals (OH-) and other powerful Oxygen species are produced in a sealed 'Oxygen' chamber. Highly unstable and reverting back to water within milliseconds, OH- reactive species are the strongest oxidants that can be applied in water and acts unselectively and with a high kill-rate to destroy pathogens and other pollutants.

This AOP also produces high levels of Oxygen (O2) in the water which is stable and accumulates to saturation levels in the pool. Dissolved Oxygen (DO) acts as a healthy sanitising residual in the water to inactivate viruses, bacteria, moulds etc. and disinfect the water in a natural and beneficial way.

Stable Dissolved Oxygen (DO) Residual

Also produced within the sealed oxygen chamber, molecular Oxygen (O2) is stable and remains in the water. It is measured as Dissolved Oxygen (DO) in the swimming pool water.

O2 is highly effective against waterborne pathogens, yet healthy and therapeutic for the bather. With high levels of oxygen the water is crystal clear, soft and healthy.


Developed by NASA in 1967 for the Apollo Space Program to provide safe drinking water, the e-clear oxygenator system also incorporates the ionization technology to provide a natural stable sanitizing residual in the water.

Maintained at levels lower than that found in most food supplements and within EC drinking water standards, copper ions provide a long lasting and effective protection against bacteria, algae and most viruses.

An essential trace element for plants and animals, copper is excellent for hair growth and skin and provides a healthy alternative to chlorine.

Ultraviolet (UV)

With increased DO in the water, UV boosts the production of disinfecting OH and H2O2 molecules and is included in all e-clear drinking water systems, recommended for heated hydrotherapy pools and optional for swimming pools.

The e-clear technology is effective against E.coli, Coliforms, Enterococci, Pseudomonas, Giardia, viruses, algae and chlorine resistant organisms such as Legionella and Cryptosporidium.